Wall Street - Where to start your Corporate Finance Career

This post series was written by Neil Venters of http://www.mergersandacquisitionsjobs.org/ and will cover US employment advice for working on wall street.

How do I get an investment banking job in this hectic post-financial crisis world?

All candidates ask this question and most of them go haphazardly applying to every single bank out there, but still ending up disappointed, frustrated and, well, unemployed. On the other hand, the successful candidates do not work harder, they work smarter.

The single most important thing you can do to boost your chances is to focus your search efforts on avenues that, given your background and circumstances, are most likely to lead you to a job. Knowing what you’re doing is especially essential today, as Wall Street is undergoing some of the most fundamental changes in its history.

The main three fields were you can look for an investment banking job are:

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