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What is Accounting Advisory Services?
Accounting Advisory services is a field that is handled by Accounting Firms (surprise!). However, in general these Advisory services have quite a lot in common with certain areas of Corporate Finance. In fact, the larger Accounting Firms all actually have in-house Corporate Finance and M&A teams as well, although as a general rule both the hours and the pay are a lot lower than in the Investment Banks, although (if) once you make partner then as the saying goes “When it rains, it pours…” as Partners in larger accounting firms are known to often be high six figure or even seven figure earners. This is a long way off though, and not many make it to this level, and in general bonuses are either nominal or non-existent as a general rule for Junior Accounting firm employees. Please note that this blog is not looking to provide a full description of all services Accounting Firms provide (including Audit and Tax). In general Accounting Advisory Services include:

  • Transaction Support Services: building Financial Models and performing due diligence on (generally M&A) transactions;

  • Corporate Finance and M&A: same type of work as the Investment Banks, generally competing in the echelons of the market instead of head-to-head with the Investment Banks;

  • Insolvency: building Financial Models and advising creditors (often Bankers) on the potential value of the business, proposing recapitalisation structures and managing asset sales, as well as running formal administrations, receiverships and liquidations;

What do I need to do to get a job in Accounting Advisory Services?
Roles in accounting firms are generally easier to obtain than in Investment Banks, and as such these firms can sometimes provide a good entry point into Corporate Finance type roles in the future. If you have above a Credit Average then these firms will definitely consider you, however they can be very competitive depending on the number of roles up the recruiting food-chain (ie at the Investment Banks). Doing a degree that involves both Finance and Accounting is helpful, as the firms in question are Accounting firms, although it is definitely possible to get one of these roles straight out of University without a specific accounting degree.

Who is hiring in Accounting Advisory Services in Australia?
Lots of Accounting Firms!

Price Waterhouse Coopers



Ernst & Young
Ernst & Young:


Deloitte Touche Tomatsu








Ferrier Hodgson
Ferrier Hodgson:


McGrath Nicol


There are lots of accounting firms out there, and lots of them have graduate programs. This list only contains some of the major names in Australia, so if you are looking at this career path then get on google pronto!

This Post is part of the Careers in Australian Finance series.